Presentation ready plots II

Lecture 24

Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel

Duke University
STA 313 - Spring 2024

Warm up


  • Peer eval 2 is due Wednesday night, results will be distributed Thursday morning so no extensions are possible.

  • HW 6 is due tomorrow at 5 pm.

Projects presentations

Show up at the beginning (or, better yet, 10 mins before) the time period you’re assigned to:

  • Section 1 (Holly’s section) - 9-10 am

  • Section 2 (Eli’s section) - 10:05-11:05 am

Any questions / things I can clarify about the projects or anything else we have covered so far?

Live code review


Best thank you card - Honorable mentions

Emma Chun

Jon Michael Stroh

Mitch Harrison

Best thank you card - Winner 🏆

Nathan Yang

Best ugly plot - Honorable mentions

Ameya Rao

Brian Janger

Ezra Odio

Best ugly plot - Winner 🏆

Cooper Likosar

Most commits

Ryan Silver 400 🏆
Rohit Gunda 271
Alexa Fahrer 246
Katherine Zhong 212

Farewell, and thank you 💙

And please take the rest of class time to fill out course and TA evaluations!