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Visualizing Likert data I

Lecture 15

Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel

Duke University
STA 313 - Spring 2023

Warm up


  • HW 3 is due Thursday
    • Question 2: Include old figure from project as starting point
    • All questions: Add alt text with fig-alt
  • Make sure to reply to “Sharing your project” issues on Project 1 if you haven’t already


# load packages

# set theme for ggplot2
ggplot2::theme_set(ggplot2::theme_minimal(base_size = 14))

# set width of code output
options(width = 65)

# set figure parameters for knitr
  fig.width = 7,        # 7" width
  fig.asp = 0.618,      # the golden ratio
  fig.retina = 3,       # dpi multiplier for displaying HTML output on retina
  fig.align = "center", # center align figures
  dpi = 300             # higher dpi, sharper image

Quiz review

Let’s imagine we’re playing a game

The odds are in your favor:
You have a 90% chance of winning!


Sorry, you lost. 😞

How does that make you feel?

We are bad at judging uncertainty

  • You had a 10% chance of losing
  • One in ten playing this game will lose
  • 90% chance of winning is nowhere near a certain win

It helps to visualize a set of possible outcomes

Possible outcomes from 100 individual games played

Frequency framing

This type of visualization is called frequency framing

Project 2

Project 2 - potential directions

  • Present and visualize a technical topic in statistics or mathematics, e.g., Gradient descent, quadrature, autoregressive (AR) models, etc.

  • Build a Shiny app that that has an Instagram-like user interface for applying filters, except not filters but themes for ggplots.

  • Create an R package that provides functionality for a set of ggplot2 themes and/or color palettes.

  • Build a generative art system.

  • Do a deep dive into accessibility for data visualization and build a lesson plan for creating accessible visualizations with ggplot2, R Markdown, and generally within the R ecosystem.

  • Create an interactive and/or animated spatio-temporal visualization on a topic of interest to you, e.g., redistricting, COVID-19, voter suppression, etc.

  • Recreate art pieces with ggplot2.

  • Make a data visualization telling a story and convert it to an illustration, presenting both the computational and artistic piece side by side.

  • Build a dashboard.

  • Or… Visualize a (non-TidyTuesday) dataset, answering a research question of interest to you.

Project 2 - all the details


Brainstorm a bunch of ideas and discard them until you settle on a topic that everyone in the team is happy with and feels like a good choice for showcasing what you’ve learned in the class and how you can use that to learn something new and implement for your project.

Project 2 - inspiration

  • Evan - Abstractify

  • Mine - Saatli Maarif Takvimi

Visualizing Likert data

2020 Durham City and County Resident Survey

Sample survey questions I

Sample survey questions II

Sample survey questions III


Let’s go to ae-13 and dive in!